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New “Farm Use” Placard Laws in VA

Due to years of inappropriate use from non farm owners, Virginia legislation has decided to impose stricter laws on the issuance of permanent farm use vehicle plates.

In the past, farmers had the option of displaying farm use placards which signified that they’re only using the vehicle for the purposes allowed, and waived certain aspects of Virginia’s vehicle registration process. Now, farmers who wish to obtain a farm use exemption must complete a registration process with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a non-transferable, permanent placard with an alphanumeric identification number. The law was signed on April 1st by Virginia representatives and will go into effect on July 1, 2023.

The new legislation requires Virginia farmers to apply for farm use placards through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. They also must be displayed at all times. Eligible vehicles are pickup/panel trucks, sport utility vehicles, vehicles with a gross weight rating greater than 7,500 pounds, and trailers/semitrailers. 

The new registration process will require applicants to provide the name of the owner or lessee of the vehicle for which the farm use exemption is being claimed, the location and acreage of each farm where the vehicle will be used, and the type and amount of agricultural commodity produced annually.

The vehicle may only be used for the following purposes: transporting supplies to and from fields during planting and harvest seasons, transporting product to market, and return trips of exempted farm vehicles, and the applicant will be required to sign a statement stating it will only be used for such activities.
Finally, the application requires a signed statement that the exempted vehicle is insured with liability coverage. The fee for the registration will be $15.
More information can be found here.